Hello and welcome!

I am a nuclear scientist, a science manager, and an innovation researcher with the goal of radically advancing clean, safe, and economical energy technologies. 

My formal role is that of a Research Scientist at the MIT Industrial Performance Center and MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Department. I’ve been at MIT since 2010 where I obtained an MS in Technology and Policy, an MS in Nuclear Science and Engineering, and a PhD in Engineering Systems. My graduate studies were followed by postdoctoral appointments at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics and the MIT Materials Science and Engineering Department.

Over the years, I have consulted with government agencies, investment banks, family offices, global multinational corporations, medium sized companies, and startups. I also co-developed and taught a graduate class in technology management and strategy at Brown University.

My interests and expertise stretch across two main areas: “Quantum and Nuclear Science” and “Management and Policy”. Specifically, I have focused on the application potential of quantum science for energy technologies — including solar, battery, and nuclear technologies. I have suggested to consider quantum energy science — as a counter part to the more established quantum information science — as an umbrella term for technologies that depend on the common denominator of coherently controlled energy transfer and conversion pathways at molecular, atomic, and nuclear scales. I have elaborated on these opportunities in a series of articles and presentations. 

I also care much about languages and poetry (I speak German and Chinese), psychology, and philosophy. Please find thoughts and writings on these topics under “Miscellaneous”.

Feel free to get in touch via the link below, or via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/florian-metzler-60221639/